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The New Teech Times (TNTT for short) will cover the more 'global' side of my work, and Blog @ TeechConsult will be a bit 'personal' is the sense that what is presented are mostly unpublished works and also musings that would never get published anywhere else other than on the net (of course).
From time to time TNTT will also cover the topic of 'shameless self promotion' to promote articles, books and others that i produce. Yang paling utama adalah penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia dan juga Bahasa Inggeris untuk setiap artikel yang dimuat naik di TNTT untuk manfaat pembaca dan juga kerana banyak bahan yang ditulis adalah di dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia. 

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  Serba sedikit tentang/A little bit about... | BLOG @ TEECHCONSULT |
Blog ini ada kena-mengena dengan TeechConsult, which also means banyak perkara yang tidak dapat disampaikan di laman utama itu akan berakhir di sini - dari penulisan di media, perbincangan luar kuliah, perkara-perkara merapu peribadi dan benda-benda yang tak terlalu merapu tentang dunia di sekeliling kita. Weblog ini pada dasarnya adalah luahan kreatif yang 'personal'.
Well, whoever you are, if you have stumbled upon this blog, i bid you welcome. From time to time i aim to come up with new entries with many different 'creative' subject matters, i’m sure there will be something for everyone. If not, well, then there’s always TeechConsult.com or The New Teech Times.

  ~ TEECHCONSULT'S JOURNAL ~ My online public diary at teechconsult.livejournal.com
  A little bit about/Serba sedikit tentang... ~ TEECHCONSULT'S JOURNAL ~
Sometimes there are things that i want to write that are neither global nor too personal, i just want to put my fingers on the keyboard and just write, without thinking too much, without reflection. I just want to scribe what i feel, what i hear, and what i see - before these feelings and experiences get lost in time.
For this i have finally decided to start a new online diary at Livejournal. This 'diary' will record bits and pieces of my mind from my everyday life experience, as related to everything that i do and hope to do. If you are as old as i am, you would remember a television show called 'Doogie Howser M.D.' way back in the past - this is my inspiration to start TeechConsult's Journal.
It is also due to the fact that soon, i will be moving on with my life, hopefully to return to 'school' again. Seperti biasa, i akan dicampur-aduk dengan bahan-bahan Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia. Walau bagaimanapun, bahan-bahan di TeechConsult's Journal mungkin kurang sesuai dijadikan bahan pengajaran dan pembelajaran, tidak seperti New Teech Times and Blog @ TeechConsult.
Akin to the heyday era of “persons of letters” prior to the telegraph [...] I believe that a fundamentally new means and mechanism for adaptive advantage is being created with social computing, of which blogging is a part.
Bergman, M. (2005) Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blogging Site: A Wordpress example.
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