e-Learning and Support Platform
If you have found your way here, then i guess you must be my undergraduate student either at diploma or degree level in the many courses that i teach. Under e-learning you will find materials that i have prepared to support and continue the (good) work that we do in the lecture room.
Most of the materials i have uploaded in this section of TeechConsult.com can be downloaded freely and you have my personal permission to print them out and use them. If there is anything else that i can do for you (and you want to save money by not calling me on your mobile, or you find that my room is empty when you drop by for a visit), use the form below to 'talk' to me, virtually.
I will try to answer any and all queries that you may have, and if you want me to keep things a secret, don't you worry, i'll do just that. Last but not least, thank you for working with me and i wish you the very best, in each and every thing that you do!
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